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The Ultimate Trio includes our Waist Eraser, Detox / Slimming Tea & Body Burner Cream.

Using these three items together creates maximum weight loss & Results quickly!

Our Detox Tea will have you losing weight and keeping you healthy with a clean colon. 

The Waist Eraser will slim your waist, flatten tummy, lose inches / dress sizes, melts back fat, remove love-handles, arches your back while giving you an over all sexier shape! 

The Body Body Burner Cream is the icing on the cake! Applying the Body Burner to your Waist, stomach and back not only speeds up your metabolism, but will have you sweating so much more! This helps you lose weight & inches fast! 

The Ultimate Trio is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for maximizing results!

If you are in between sizes and are unsure, please choose next size up. Please measure your waist to know what size to purchase.

Please order the size that will fit your waist. Ordering a smaller or larger size may result in the waist eraser not fitting properly. 

*Small - Medium (36 Inches).  Women Fits up to 7/8 in jeans. Men fits Up to 33 in jeans.
*Large-XL (42 Inches).  Women fits up to 13/14 jeans.  Men fits up to 36 in jeans.
*​XL- XXL (46 inches).  Women fits up to 14-18 jeans.  Men fits up to 42 in jeans

To find out what size Waist Eraser is right for you, please measure your waist with a tape measure. If your waist is 33 inches or smaller, please choose the 36 inch Waist Eraser labeled SM to MED. If your waist is 34 inches or bigger, please choose the 42 inch Waist Eraser labeled LG - XL. If your waist is 40 inches or bigger, we suggest our XXL Waist Eraser which fits up to 46 inches.

  • Sauna heat action Slims and trims your appearance instantly
  • Adjustable Velcro closure /Hand washable
  • SM - MED measures up to 36" long and 8.5" wide
  • LG - XL measures up to 42" long and 10" wide  
  • XL - XXL measures up to 46" long and 12" wide 
  • Adjustable closure for firm fit
  • Colors may vary
  • Unisex
  • Burns 150 calories in 40 minutes with exercise
  • Burns belly & back fat
  • Reduces & shrink waist size
  • Sheds water weight
  • Adjustable straps
  • Allows AB muscles to be more visible
  • Spot trains stomach, waist & back
  • Great for working out
  • Wear under clothing
  • Compression
  • Waist Trainer
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Keeps muscles nice & warm
  • Supports lower back for weight lifting
  • Airport/Travel Comfortable
  • Pant sizes are approximate. Measure your waist for more accurate sizing. 
  • Comfortable for bed time, shopping & doing household chores

For full description of our tea and cream, please visit the KAOIR SLIMMING TEA and BODY BURNER tabs.