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Hello Everyone,

I’m Keyshia Ka’oir Davis the CEO of Ka’oir Fitness! I started my fitness journey back in 2012 when I realized my weight would constantly fluctuate from 130-155lbs. It was very challenging for me and I just could not keep the weight off. I decided this is it and I MUST change my lifestyle. 

Since then, I started testing and designing products that would help with my weight loss struggle. The Ka’oir Fitness line was successfully launched in 2013! I started with the Ka’oir Waist Eraser which was designed to target your stomach, waist and back. Giving women that sexy back arch and slim waist. The waist eraser is Unisex as it also has great back support for men lifting weights, exercising etc.

I continued to expand KA’OIR Fitness. Due to the amazing response from my customers sending before and after pictures, it motivated me to continue with more effective products. I then launched a Body Sweat which I like to refer to as a “Body Eraser”! The Body Sweat makes you sweat so much more, burning more calories & speeding up your metabolism, which allows you to lose weight all over.

Then it was the Thigh Erasers, which we designed to spot train our thighs to keep them slim while your butt stays plumped. 

At this point, I figured we needed something to help speed up the process to make the stomach and waist shed those unwanted inches sooner. So we launched the Body Burner Slimming Cream, which did just that!

Next we launched our Slimming Tea! I personally needed a tea that would properly give me that healthy, detox cleanse, especially from all the bad foods we usually put in our bodies. Our tea is GMO and Caffeine free!

Finally, some customers don’t know how or what to eat, so then we launched the Weight Loss Meal Plan that literally teaches you what to eat on a daily basis for 14 days!

I now have a passion for fitness. My entire family is involved. My husband has lost over 70lbs! Simply amazing! 

KA’OIR FITNESS has the solution to make it happen for you! Start today!