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Introducing our newest product, the KA'OIR POOP STOOL.

Stop straining and make pooping easier! Using our POOP STOOL to squat will allow you to go #2 more quickly. You also strain less and empty your bowels more completely than when you sit on the toilet without our POOP STOOL. This helps straighten and open your colon for a more efficient poop. Our POOP STOOL supports your legs at the proper angle, which creates a squatting posture while sitting on the toilet.

Simply place your feet on the poop stool then you can fully relax the puborectalis muscle and allow the colon to empty easily and thoroughly. It also helps you reduce constipation and hemorrhoids effectively. Use our Slimming Tea or Vegan Detox Pills for a much more effective potty experience. A must have for every bathroom!


  • Reduces strain and time on toilet
  • Opens colon for easier elimination of poop
  • Easy to clean 
  • Made of strong, durable plastic
  • Tucks under your toilet
  • Rubber feet for anti slip
  • Can also be used as a foot /stepping stool
  • Aids in better posture while on toilet
  • Designed to fit most standard toilets
  • Portable
  • Can be used by adults or kids
  • Color: White 
  • Dimensions: 10.24" X 16.54"X 7.88"
  • No assembly needed