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KA’OIR Slimming Tea is a loose leaf tea packed in individual nylon tea bags that contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients to help cleanse and slim your body! No prescription needed! Each package includes 14 bags (78.4 grams) of detox tea, and is meant to be used every day or every other day. It has a great minty taste and is caffeine, gluten and GMO free. KA’OIR Slimming Tea stimulates your body for a natural cleanse . Our Slimming Tea will suppress your appetite to help you lose weight faster. Combined with exercise, healthy diet & use of our KA’OIR Fitness products, KA’OIR Slimming Tea will have you feeling energized and ready to get the sexy body you’ve dreamed of!

Directions for KA’OIR Slimming Tea (Updated):

  • ADULTS brew one tea bag in 1/2 cup of boiling water! NO MORE THAN 5oz max!
  • Cover cup and let steep for 30 minutes to 2 hours until water is dark. Rewarm if needed
  • TIP: The darker the water and the longer you steep, the stronger the tea will be You can steep for up to 36 hours
  • Use every day or every other day
  • Although you can drink anytime of the day, we recommend drinking in the morning on an empty stomach or 3 hours after dinner
  • The tea usually activates 2-7 hours later. (Be close to restroom) If for any reason it hasn’t activated, repeat steps using two tea bags
  • Add a small amount of honey or lemon for taste, if desired
  • If you prefer to drink tea cold, you can but it must be made hot and steep first Drink when you feel comfortable with temperature
  • Tea bags are not reusable
  • Do not exceed recommended dose

Tea ingredients:  Lotus leaf, root of Kudzu vine, Peppermint, & Fennel.

Do not use while breast feeding or pregnant  

Do not use if you have Crohn disease, IBS or similar digestive conditions. 

Consult your physician first if you have any concerns. 

KA’OIR Slimming Tea can promote:

Weight Loss*
Clean Colon*
Boost Energy*
Healthy Digestive System*
Reduce Bloating*