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The KA'OIR Body Sweat is a state of the art "sweat" suit. It is very stretchy, flexible & comfortable for any workout. KA'OIR Body Sweat will make you sweat tremendously, your metabolism will increase, you will burn calories, lose weight & shed water!

Our suit targets your stomach, waist, back, thighs & arms. You will lose inches from all targeted areas. We recommend wearing our Waist Eraser on top of the Body Sweat for maximum results!

Care instructions: 
  • Hand wash using luke-warm water and mild detergent OR machine wash on gentle cycle
  • Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • Colors may vary
  • Measurements are unstretched and approximate
  • Lightweight, stretch fabric
  • Open Bust
  • Zippered front 
  • Spandex buttocks area
  • Waist Eraser sold separately

Below are UNSTRETCHED measurements. Please measure yourself to know what size to buy. We recommend purchasing the letter size you normally wear in clothes. The Body Sweat is lightweight and stretchy:

Waist- 26"
Hip- 34"
Inseam- 16" long
Sleeve length- 10" long
Total length (top to bottom)-40" long

Waist- 28"
Hip- 36"
Inseam- 16" long
Sleeve length- 10" long

 Total length (top to bottom)-40" long
Large/XL may be labeled as large or XL


Waist- 31"
Hip- 39" 
Inseam- 17" long
Sleeve length- 11" long
Total length (top to bottom)-42" long

Waist- 36"
Hip- 46"
Inseam- 18.5" long
Sleeve length- 12" long
Total length (top to bottom)-44" long